The Sustainable Hair Stylist


If you haven’t heard about non-toxic hair products, low-tox lightener and color, Chelsea & Whitney will be dropping major knowledge bombs to catch us up to speed with this growing niche that will no doubt become mainstream.

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The Sustainable Hair Stylist

Low-tox color theory, non toxic business culture

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There is a gap in the industry that needs some serious filling. We have been misinformed and undereducated on ingredients that our color and retail lines contain. We have not been taught how to use these safely, or offered any solutions or safer alternatives by these huge companies.

Stylists jobs are one of the hardest on earth. We are constantly fighting the stereotypes the industry encourages, which in turn leaves us feeling unappreciated, underpaid, sick, and burnt out.

We work in a broken and corrupt industry. As creatives we entered this journey to have creative freedom, to express ourselves, and to make people feel whole again. But many of us have had the rude awakening shortly after we entered school. We have been told constantly you have to use harsh chemicals, you have to price this way, you have to do it this way (just like everyone else does it) or else you will lose clients.

Those are misguided viewpoints. They breed competition, and exhaustion. And in the end they cause many to give up on their dream.

In our efforts to go clean, we have found many like minded stylists seeking the same life and culture change. All of them agree on this, we need more education on cleaner color alternatives and sustainable hair care, and we need more support while transitioning into low toxic color & non toxic hair care.

During this 8 hour class, we will build this community together, sharing our stories, our struggles, and our successes. You will be inspired, up-built, and shocked at what you learn. It’s time for real genuine independent education. Not just repackaged color and business classes. We will help you along your journey, no matter how small or big your business is.

We can’t wait to introduce you to some amazing sustainable, high performance botanical & synthetic free hair care. And we are beyond excited to share in depth color theory on our favorite cleaner color lines. This will build your confidence to switch, along with giving you the tools to succeed at retailing these lines.

We have some amazing gems to share with you about changing salon culture & client care. Two things that will enable you to charge what you are actually worth, no matter what community you live in.

This class breakdown is

  • Why it’s necessary to make the switch
  • Traditional toxic ingredients in color lines and what they do to you
  • Low toxic color lines, and what ingredients they use
  • Color theory & formulation of these lines
  • Live model of O&M COR application during lunch (lunch is provided)
  • Chemical Safety
  • Truly sustainable, eco friendly, refillable, synthetic free haircare
  • Business strategy when switching over to non/ low toxic
  • How to prepare, honor, and reward your current clients
  • How to find your ideal client through;
  • Charging for consultations
  • Raising your prices (work less, charge more)
  • Simplifying your service menus
  • Create a new salon culture

There will be many opportunities to ask questions and share experiences.

This class is a very special one. It is packed with information & resources, it is essentially two classes in one. This is Chelsea & Whitney’s first collaboration together, and we are hoping there will be more in 2020!

Chelsea is a Simply Organic Beauty rep and she will be able to offer long term support with making the switch and creating a relationship with your preferred low tox color line, not only that but she has been using these lines and educating on them for four years, Chelsea also works behind the chair and is very passionate about Holistic hair care, she has a wealth of knowledge!

Whitney is the creator of the Non Toxic Hair Stylist platform. Shes here to offer support and resources in making that transition to green and clean, while helping you create culture and break those loathing business habits. Whit is a believer in charging what trades charge, the price psychology, and wants you to never discount or undercut your work ever again.

You will leave with strategies you most likely have never heard before, and be offered continued support while empowering yourself and others.

Beverages, and a delicious lunch will be provided.

Class starts at 10 am and will be ending at 6pm.

Rest up!

Thank you for supporting independent educators and building this healthier, happier stylist community.

Whitney Murphy
Educator, Salon Owner, BTC

Changing the industry through education and community. It’s more than hair, it’s people.