Are you aware of the health risks you are exposing yourself to?

Breaking down potential mistakes with color correction services.

What do words even mean?

Live Events

Come enjoy a sustainable and harmless approach to styling and hair care! Whitney Murphy (owner of The Parlor Seattle) and Jordan Zimlich will pop up for an evening to give you eclectic fringe trims and groovy styling.

Low-tox color theory, non toxic business culture

Learn about non-toxic hair products, lightener and color.

NTHS Mailing List

I’ll send you updates on live events, educational video courses, articles, how-to’s and more!

Non Toxic Hair Stylist

To help potential clients all over (North America) find and hire you wonderful people who have taken the leap! Hopefully in a few years this won’t be needed but right now if I have a client move to another city, or someone on social media asks for a referral in their area, there is no central place for me to send them to find a stylist that offers low toxic or non toxic services. Let’s fix that!

If you are interested in being listed at launch please fill out the form and I’ll reach out when I have the registration open.

Also, I have just one perspective on what the industry needs so if you have ideas for ways to make this more valuable please drop me a note!


Launching early in 2020